How To Qualify Your Wedding Photographer

PBL-in-action1-300x199Ask for References

Most photographers are happy to show off their work to a potential customer. Use this to your advantage and make sure that they take the photographs that you want for your special day.

Can you see photos they have taken recently or at the venue that you plan to get married in? You can look through photos of other people getting married and past clients that they have photographed. This will tell you whether the photographer takes the photos during moments that you feel are special. If you ask to see photos that are from the same type of venue you will be using, you can make sure he knows how to handle different lighting issues that may come up. For instance, he may show you wonderful photos of outdoor weddings, but stained glass lighting inside of a church may not be his best work. If you are getting married in a church, do you want someone who specializes in outdoor wedding photography?

Ask for referrals. It is okay to ask him if you can speak to some of his past clients. They will be able to tell you whether he acted professionally and whether they were satisfied with his techniques or the photos they received. This will tell you whether you want to deal with him or not. Along with this, you may also question how long he has been doing wedding photography and how many weddings has he done where couples were happy with his photos.

Question His Prices

Your chosen photographer needs to fit within your budget and still provide the photos that you want to see. Questioning him about his prices, the various packages he may offer, and whether you will be charged for extra shots that you want specifically, may change how much you like your NoVA Wedding Photographer choice.

Pricing and Packages. If you find a great photographer, but he only promises a couple pictures, do you really want just those pictures? Do you want a large package or only the special moments? Can you afford the price for all of the special moments that you want photographed? You need to find the photographer that will give you what you want to see, at prices that you have set aside for wedding photos.

Ask about extras. After you have looked through and talked to the photographer about what he will take a photo of, decide whether you want extra photos taken. For instance, if you want the photo of the bride and groom’s hands together after the wedding rings are on, will he be willing to take that photo for you and how much will it cost for you to have it? If you want a photo of the bouquet and your hands, is he willing to take that photo?

When it comes to your special day, there are no silly questions. These are important questions to ask your wedding photographer, but you should also ask him other questions that you feel are important or specific to you and your wedding party. You only live this day once. Make sure the memories are available in photographs for life.