Effects of Global Warming

If Antarctic ice melts or disappears, the polar bears will eventually die and become extinct. Penguins and many others will lose their habitat. With extreme changes in the earth’s temperature, some species won’t be able to adapt forcing them to move to a new habitat. Glaciers and ice sheets will melt increasing the sea levels. Many countries may sink causing significant lost of properties, infrastructure, agriculture and even lives.

Climate change will not just cause flooding and storm surge in coastal areas and small island nations nor possibly sink low land areas with the increasing depth of the seawaters but will likely cause drought and prolong dry seasons in some countries around the world.

The change on earth temperature brought forth significant changes. In fact, it has been reported that Arctic ice leaked and the ice layer floats by more than 20 percent. And if we do not act to help the world, climate change will lead to severe weather patterns. Indeed, this can be seen with more droughts and weather catastrophes happening. Dry season, intense and heavy rains and unpredictable weather conditions can be observed.

Global Warming Exists

Global warming is not a myth that’s why you need the best portable air conditioner. More evidences showed that many nations are now currently suffering its wrath threatening the lives and properties and likewise destroying farms and crop fields. Millions of people may be forced to abandon their homes because of climate change.

What Can You Do?

With enormous effort, we can reduce global warming by using energy efficiently. Learn and apply and teach the people to spread the news on how we can help save the planet. Reduce, reuse and recycle are the key concepts we must learn and live.

Use biodegradable materials and reusable products. Make handcraft out of recycled paper, plastics and others. Help advocate the let us win together against global warming. Join environment organizations and participate in their calls. Practice waste segregation. Plant trees and encourage your friends and love ones to do the same. One tree can absorb about a ton of carbon dioxide in its lifetime.

Begin in your little way at home. Together, it makes a difference to reduce the atmospheric carbon dioxide level. You can help reduce as much as 2000 lbs carbon dioxide in a year. If everyone can do these things by heart, you can just imagine how much carbon dioxide will be removed from the atmosphere.

Conserve energy by reducing heater and air conditioning consumption. Try better alternatives like insulating your walls during winter. Open your windows to allow fresh air instead of turning the air conditioning units. Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs. You won’t just conserve energy but it will bring you a substantial savings on electric bill consumption.

Exercise your heart out by walking. Use bikes to get to nearby places instead of driving your BMW. Otherwise, make sure that your car is running in good condition. When you purchase a new appliance, choose the energy-efficient models. Do not forget to turn off the switches whenever necessary. In short, try as much as possible to live a simpler life.

Always keep in mind that a problem exists along with consequences and solutions. Global warming is everyone’s concern. Let’s make the earth a better place to live in for your family and friends and the generations to come.