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Mmmm…toasty!  Quiznos offers a wide variety of perfectly toasted subs and signature Craveable Salads.  Choose from menu items, such as the Black Angus on Rosemary Parmesan Bread, Turkey Bacon Guacamole, the Honey Mustard Chicken Salad and much more.

How To Qualify Your Wedding Photographer

PBL-in-action1-300x199Ask for References

Most photographers are happy to show off their work to a potential customer. Use this to your advantage and make sure that they take the photographs that you want for your special day.

Can you see photos they have taken recently or at the venue that you plan to get married in? You can look through photos of other people getting married and past clients that they have photographed. This will tell you whether the photographer takes the photos during moments that you feel are special. If you ask to see photos that are from the same type of venue you will be using, you can make sure he knows how to handle different lighting issues that may come up. For instance, he may show you wonderful photos of outdoor weddings, but stained glass lighting inside of a church may not be his best work. If you are getting married in a church, do you want someone who specializes in outdoor wedding photography?

Ask for referrals. It is okay to ask him if you can speak to some of his past clients. They will be able to tell you whether he acted professionally and whether they were satisfied with his techniques or the photos they received. This will tell you whether you want to deal with him or not. Along with this, you may also question how long he has been doing wedding photography and how many weddings has he done where couples were happy with his photos.

Question His Prices

Your chosen photographer needs to fit within your budget and still provide the photos that you want to see. Questioning him about his prices, the various packages he may offer, and whether you will be charged for extra shots that you want specifically, may change how much you like your NoVA Wedding Photographer choice.

Pricing and Packages. If you find a great photographer, but he only promises a couple pictures, do you really want just those pictures? Do you want a large package or only the special moments? Can you afford the price for all of the special moments that you want photographed? You need to find the photographer that will give you what you want to see, at prices that you have set aside for wedding photos.

Ask about extras. After you have looked through and talked to the photographer about what he will take a photo of, decide whether you want extra photos taken. For instance, if you want the photo of the bride and groom’s hands together after the wedding rings are on, will he be willing to take that photo for you and how much will it cost for you to have it? If you want a photo of the bouquet and your hands, is he willing to take that photo?

When it comes to your special day, there are no silly questions. These are important questions to ask your wedding photographer, but you should also ask him other questions that you feel are important or specific to you and your wedding party. You only live this day once. Make sure the memories are available in photographs for life.

How To Host The Best World Cup Party

The World Cup might be the biggest event of the year, which of course is your chance to host the biggest and the best World Cup party. This isn’t a party you want to just throw together last minute though. If you want to throw a party that everyone will be talking about for years to come, you need to allow yourself time to prepare. Also, pick a game that is sure to be very exciting, for example, Germany vs France. That’s one game that is sure to keep everyone on their toes. Lots of excitement will mean everyone is having a good time. Plus, if it’s a boring game your guests might become bored and look to you for entertainment. So, first step, pick your game which will determine your date. Once your date is determined, there are three key steps to throwing the best World Cup party of the century: entertainment, comfort and food/drinks.

Determine how many people you intend to invite. Is this going to be a small dinner party or do you want the entire neighborhood to join in? If you plan on a small party, then you will likely have the party indoors for the most part. It’s usually easier to host inside because it doesn’t take much prep time to prepare your house. Just make sure to give it a deep cleaning. On the other hand, if your party is going to be outside, you might have to put in a little work. The first thing to consider is how you will broadcast the game. If you don’t have that big of a television, you should consider a projector. Not only do you want to provide your guests with an optimal screen size, but the volume is important to. In order to fill the large space of the great outdoors, find the best outdoor speakers for your budget, such as the Bose 251’s or Klipsch AW650’s. These are sure to please your guests, and for the neighbors that didn’t attend, they will wish they had! In addition to the TV and outdoor speakers, you will want to provide your guests with comfortable furniture. Give them a hard chair and you might send them running for the door. Also, make sure you have plenty of seating for all of your guests.

The next most important part of throwing an awesome World Cup party is the food. It might be a good idea to have a potluck style party so that everyone brings a dish. Not only will this ensure variety, but then you won’t be stuck footing a big bill. Foods such as pasta and potato salads, chicken wings, burgers, hotdogs, chips, dips, fruit and vegetable platters, cheese and crackers and an assortment of cookies are sure to make everyone happy. Just make sure to have a couple of vegetarian dishes to please those herbivores. This isn’t the kind of party that requires digging out your fine China. Stock up on plenty of paper plates, cups and plastic ware to make for an easy clean-up.

Alcohol is a must for any kind of sporting event. Even if you don’t drink yourself, you should have something available to serve your guests, unless it is a BYOB (bring your own beer) party of course. If your guests primarily drink beer, and depending on how many attendees are coming, purchasing a keg might be your best bet. Otherwise, try to have a variety of beer and wine (at least one red and one white). Liquor is going to be more expensive, but if you are really looking to make your guests happy, keep some rum and vodka on hand mixed drink. Another option, especially if you are going with a theme, is to have one cocktail special available, such as a margarita or mojito. Again, having a variety will ensure you keep everyone happy. In addition to alcoholic beverages, it is wise to have an assortment of non-alcoholic beverages, such as water, soda and tea.

Make sure to give your guests plenty of notice because there are sure to be a lot of parties popping up and you don’t want to have to compete with friends for guests.  As long as you have a large viewing screen, a comfortable spot for your guests and plenty of good food and drink, you are well on your way to throwing the best party of the year. Anything extra will just earn you bonus points!

Effects of Global Warming

If Antarctic ice melts or disappears, the polar bears will eventually die and become extinct. Penguins and many others will lose their habitat. With extreme changes in the earth’s temperature, some species won’t be able to adapt forcing them to move to a new habitat. Glaciers and ice sheets will melt increasing the sea levels. Many countries may sink causing significant lost of properties, infrastructure, agriculture and even lives.

Climate change will not just cause flooding and storm surge in coastal areas and small island nations nor possibly sink low land areas with the increasing depth of the seawaters but will likely cause drought and prolong dry seasons in some countries around the world.

The change on earth temperature brought forth significant changes. In fact, it has been reported that Arctic ice leaked and the ice layer floats by more than 20 percent. And if we do not act to help the world, climate change will lead to severe weather patterns. Indeed, this can be seen with more droughts and weather catastrophes happening. Dry season, intense and heavy rains and unpredictable weather conditions can be observed.

Global Warming Exists

Global warming is not a myth that’s why you need the best portable air conditioner. More evidences showed that many nations are now currently suffering its wrath threatening the lives and properties and likewise destroying farms and crop fields. Millions of people may be forced to abandon their homes because of climate change.

What Can You Do?

With enormous effort, we can reduce global warming by using energy efficiently. Learn and apply and teach the people to spread the news on how we can help save the planet. Reduce, reuse and recycle are the key concepts we must learn and live.

Use biodegradable materials and reusable products. Make handcraft out of recycled paper, plastics and others. Help advocate the let us win together against global warming. Join environment organizations and participate in their calls. Practice waste segregation. Plant trees and encourage your friends and love ones to do the same. One tree can absorb about a ton of carbon dioxide in its lifetime.

Begin in your little way at home. Together, it makes a difference to reduce the atmospheric carbon dioxide level. You can help reduce as much as 2000 lbs carbon dioxide in a year. If everyone can do these things by heart, you can just imagine how much carbon dioxide will be removed from the atmosphere.

Conserve energy by reducing heater and air conditioning consumption. Try better alternatives like insulating your walls during winter. Open your windows to allow fresh air instead of turning the air conditioning units. Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs. You won’t just conserve energy but it will bring you a substantial savings on electric bill consumption.

Exercise your heart out by walking. Use bikes to get to nearby places instead of driving your BMW. Otherwise, make sure that your car is running in good condition. When you purchase a new appliance, choose the energy-efficient models. Do not forget to turn off the switches whenever necessary. In short, try as much as possible to live a simpler life.

Always keep in mind that a problem exists along with consequences and solutions. Global warming is everyone’s concern. Let’s make the earth a better place to live in for your family and friends and the generations to come.

Digging Deeper Into the Instruments of Sounds and Music

There is something in music that soothes the soul. Its melody and rhyme when blended together can fill the air with certain emotion and even magic. Music can express almost all when words cannot. No wonder people love music. Be it classical. Jazz, R&B, hip hop or rock, music for most is a means of expressing things. Music is probably the most beautiful form of art in history of civilization.

If not with musical instruments, not one piece will be complete. Lovely sounds, tones, rhythm whatever it is technically called when communicated together give satisfaction beyond words. Let’s explore the different types of musical instruments.

Musical instruments are devices custom designed to produce musical sounds. The first musical instruments were invented way back the beginnings of human history. It is said that music is there even during the stone-age era. During the early times, these instruments are used in religious ceremonies and rituals like festivities and offerings. Different cultures developed musical pieces and compositions including musical performance. Pianos have become a common household instrument but due to size and cost restraints, it is more common to see electronic pianos now. Look into digital piano reviews to see what is best for you.

According to history, the flute is oldest musical instrument found many centuries back. Other musical instruments were made from various materials like wood, bones and animal skins. From the ancient civilization to this modern era, music has shifted in different ways. Even the type and choice of music is different.

String Instruments – Guitar & Others

The guitar is probably the most popular string instrument ever invented. Besides guitar, there are number of string instruments. If you are familiar with “rondalla”, you will come to see that guitar is just one of those music materials that can contribute to your inner peace. Just for the purpose of information, rondalla is a collection of stringed instruments played with pick renowned in various places across the globe especially in Mexico, Spain, Philippines and United States.

The strings come in varying materials like metal and synthetics carefully assembled to produce different tones and rhythm. Different string lengths, widths, material and tension greatly influence the quality of sound produced. If you can keenly observe the instrument “bajo de arco”, it has thick and heavy strings to produce slow vibration and low pitch sounds. Nevertheless, it is possible to create pitches in different frequencies using the same string.

To understand better, the frequency comes in 4 properties as follows:


Short strings produce higher frequency thus giving higher pitch. Every time a musician applies his finger in a string, he shortens the string length thereby resulting to higher pitch. The more fingers applied, the higher the pitch becomes.

Diameter or Width

The width or thickness of the string affects vibration. Large strings obviously give slower vibration thus slower frequency resulting to lower pitch. A typical thin string comes in 10 mm diameter whereas the larger diameter strings come twice as much.


Tension is produced depending on how loose or tightly a string is adjusted. Tighter strings produce higher frequency or pitch that the loose one.